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Climate, Energy and Environment - June 2022

Modernizing Mongolia’s Energy Sector, States Tackle Pollution Issues, and More on Abt’s Climate and Energy Work. Dive into the latest news update on Abt's environment and energy work!

  • Modernizing Mongolia’s Electricity Sector
  • Environmental Grant Opportunities for Tribes
  • PODCAST: Climate Change, Malaria, & Data
  • New Alliance with USAID to Power Clean Energy, Digital Connectivity for African Clinics
  • How Do We Account for the Environmental Justice Cost of EVs?
  • Tool to Estimate NYC Pollution at Community Level
  • 10 Ways to Boost Adaptation Finance for Small Island Developing States
  • Route Fifty: A Holistic Statewide Approach to Understanding Pollution Issues
  • Experts to White House: EJ screening tool should consider race
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