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Clean Energy Solutions

clean energy solutions quote feb 2024

Energy transitions, grid expansion, and beyond-the-grid electrification are complicated issues, requiring a balance of cost, reliability, and sustainability. Abt fosters the conditions for investment in clean energy and infrastructure that will be resilient in the face of climate change. Our support to governments, utilities, investors, developers, and communities includes strategic planning, policy analyses, competitive procurement, and investment facilitation.

Innovating at the Nexus of Energy, Climate, and...

Abt works at the nexus of infrastructure and sustainable development, collaborating with our clients and partners to power people and build resilient communities around the globe. We deliver innovative solutions at the nexus of Energy, Climate and:

Agriculture, through productive use of electricity for agribusiness and conservation of water resources

Digital, through data and analytics, GIS, visualization for decision-makers, and customer engagement

Economic Growth, quantifying environmental and economic benefits while facilitating private sector investment across value chains and sectors

Equity, bringing decades of social policy expertise to facilitate energy and climate transitions that are not only effective, but also just and inclusive

Health, improving patient outcomes through electrification of healthcare facilities using innovative finance and partnership models

We evaluate costs and benefits; study financial, technical, and environmental implications; support data-driven planning; identify smart policy incentives; offer technical assistance; facilitate private sector engagement; and advise on selection and implementation of leading practices.