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PFAS and Environmental Contaminants

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Environmental health challenges as complex as PFAS contamination require multi-disciplinary solutions. Abt brings the environmental health, data, regulatory, and technical expertise to help communities and the federal government make people—and the water they drink—safer and healthier.
meghan lynch
Meghan Lynch
Principal Associate

Wide-Ranging Solutions for a Pervasive Challenge

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are chemical compounds with suggested links to a wide range of serious health impacts, including reproductive, developmental, immune, and endocrine effects and increased risk of some cancers. These chemicals are found virtually everywhere: from cookware to firefighting foam, and from groundwater and drinking water to air emissions. A challenge this wide-ranging requires an equally broad range of solutions. Abt has extensive experience addressing PFAS contamination at the federal, state, and community level, from identifying the effects of PFAS in communities using our “rapid assessment tool” to supporting regulatory development and identifying the most efficient means of remediation. Our diverse skill set includes hazard characterization, communications and study support, site and damage assessment, groundwater characterization and treatment, as well as remediation and treatment cost estimation, regulation and litigation support, and Natural Resource Damage Assessment.