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This partnership will combine U.S. and Thai expertise to identify innovative, cost-effective strategies to increase the amount of renewable energy in Thailand and the region.
Glyn T. Davies
U.S. Ambassador to Thailand on Clean Power Asia

Expanding Our Impact

As Thailand’s population increases and demand for energy rises, the country’s ability to balance the existing power infrastructure with priorities for energy security, energy costs and environmental concerns is strained. Power sector connectivity has also become a primary focus to enable increased cross-border power trade and integration of renewable energy. To meet these challenges, Thailand worked with the Abt-led Clean Power Asia project regionally to complete the third update of the ASEAN Interconnection Masterplan Study (AIMS III) and to develop advanced policy and regulatory frameworks that incorporate greater levels of renewable energy in the country’s fuel mix.

The USAID-funded Clean Power Asia promotes investments in sustainable, clean energy resources within Thailand and throughout the Lower Mekong Region. The initiative gathered robust datasets in support of improved energy planning, promoted renewable energy targets and integrated these targets into power development and resource plans, promoted enabling policies, and mobilized private investments. Abt also has led projects that raised community awareness of avian flu health risks in Thailand.

Goal percentage for electricity via renewable energy by 2036
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