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Abt Core Values

Core values quote 2020

Our values matter because they are the foundation of how we deliver on our mission. We live them when we improve the lives of our beneficiaries, when we deliver outstanding results for our clients, when we welcome fresh voices and new colleagues, and when we collaborate across the hall and around the world. Every day we must commit to putting these values into action.
Lisa Simeon
Lisa Simeon
Chief Operations Officer


  • I am driven by Abt’s mission to improve the lives of people worldwide.
  • I contribute directly to and positively affect our financial health to expand our mission and sustainable impact around the world.


  • I approach my work with discipline and rigor while seeking opportunities for continuous improvement and development.
  • I set high expectations for myself and others, and take responsibility to coach and teach others.
  • I will be entrepreneurial and actively pursue innovation, and encourage others to do the same.
  • I seek to achieve the best outcomes, to maintain Abt’s reputation for excellence, even if the path is uncomfortable.


  • I value individuals of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexes, sexual orientations and identities, ages, mental and physical abilities, and nationalities.
  • I actively build a diverse Abt community that collaborates with and reflects those we serve.
  • I empower and create opportunity so all voices are heard regardless of background and experiences.


  • I work to earn, build, and sustain trust.
  • I treat people with respect regardless of their position or their agreement with me.
  • I consider the impact that my words, actions, and decisions have on others.


  • I do the right thing, even when no one is looking. 
  • I am accountable for my choices and actions, and I honor my commitments.
  • I seek to understand and learn from mistakes.


  • I can flex when I work, where I work, or how I work to meet both personal and professional commitments.
  • I contribute to an environment where my colleagues can experience balance.
  • I must balance all of Abt’s stakeholders interests in my decision making.

Abt's Code of Conduct