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Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Climate Adaptation and Resilience quote march 2023

Abt works with communities, governments, and businesses in an inclusive process to assess climate-related risks and develop, implement, and evaluate equitable strategies that build systemic resilience to the environmental, health, and economic impacts of climate change.
Jennifer Denno Cissé
Jennifer Denno Cissé
Director, Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Confronting Inequities. Reducing Climate Risk. Strengthening Resilience.

Abt helps households, communities, governments, and businesses assess and reduce their exposure to climate risks and strengthen their capacity to cope with and recover from shocks. Our areas of expertise include the assessment, communication, and management of climate risks across key sectors, including in health, housing, agriculture, and sustainable landscapes. We also excel at strengthening human and institutional capacity for identifying and reducing risks and building climate resilience in an equitable manner.  

Around the world, Abt has supported our partners and clients in preparing and financing adaptation strategies, designing approaches for vulnerability assessments, conducting resilience analyses, identifying adaptation actions and setting priorities, developing policy implementation guidance, and monitoring and evaluating adaptation policies. Throughout our work, Abt implements politically informed approaches to confront systemic inequities and support and strengthen the resilience of marginalized communities, including women, LGBTQ+ populations, Indigenous peoples, communities of color, and youth.