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Evaluation & Methods Digest – June 2023

Opioid Harm Reduction, College Student Coaching, and More! Dive into Abt's Evaluation & Methods Digest to see how our research, monitoring, and evaluation work can help you.

  • Abt, Baruch College Launch Certificate to Promote Equity in Policy Analysis
  • From Pilot to Implementation: Five Things to Know about Summer EBT
  • Do No Harm. And If There Already Is Some, Reduce It.
  • Webinar: How We Model Matters: Visualizing Program Theories
  • From Policy to Practice: Responses to Homeless Encampments in Los Angeles
  • The Work of John Mayne: Using Evaluative Information Sensibly to Bridge the Gaps Between Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Coaching for Completion: Final Report for Success Boston Coaching
  • Digital for Research: A Taxonomy of Data Collection Methods and Solutions
  • Social Media Highlight: Why Abt’s Excited About the Evidence Act
  • Evaluator Spotlight: Dr. Lisanne F. Brown
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