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Corporate Newsletter – May 2024

Discover our impact on global issues and innovative solutions. Dive into Abt's latest feature stories, blogs, webinars, and more!

  • Abt Associates is now Abt Global 
  • Logistics Management Tool Brings New Strength to Vietnam’s Fight Against TB 
  • Abt Team To Help CMS Determine Quality Standards for Home and Hospice Care 
  • Fostering Access to Climate Finance for Adaptation in the Caribbean 
  • Mining Royalties Fueling Improved Health Coverage in DRC 
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods: A Key to Transforming Community Health & Driving Economic Growth 
  • The Gateway to Inclusive Health Systems? Localization 
  • Empowering Women as Change Agents in the Green Economy 
  • The Far-Reaching Harms of Housing Unaffordability on Renters 
  • Bolstering Global Health Security in a Changing Climate 
  • Is Your State’s Literacy Approach Aligned with the Evidence?  
  • From a Moment to a Movement: Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, and Earth Day, A Global Connection for All 
  • Quality Improvement: A Health System Strengthening Priority 
  • What is One Health? A Frontline Defense Against Zoonotic Diseases 
  • The Intersect Podcast: Break the Chain: Exploring the Links Between Environmental & Criminal Justice 
  • Where You’ll Find Us: Upcoming Events 
  • Social Media Highlight 
  • Join us! Work at Abt
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