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Hendricksen, Ph.D., MPH


Meghan Hendricksen, Ph.D., MPH has more than a decade of healthcare research and project management experience, with expertise in gerontology, long-term care, and discrimination in health care settings. She has extensive experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research for federal, state, and nonprofit clients, ranging from interviewing nursing home staff and residents to conducting complex quantitative analyses of large datasets like the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). Her skills include data and team management across multiple complex projects, developing data collection instruments, as well as the production of research protocols and training research teams.

Currently, Dr. Hendricksen leads qualitative projects, data collection and evaluation, as well as rulemaking support for various projects with older adults for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Along with her research expertise, she has identified and supported ways to ensure that older adults’ voices—including those who are seriously ill—are engaged and centered in research and policy. She has presented on the topic of participant engagement in research at numerous national conferences, webinars, and scientific meetings. With a background in providing direct care to clients in home care and long-term care settings, she often applies her professional experience to projects involving end-of-life care planning, Alzheimer’s, dementia and related neurogenerative diseases, and strengthening the eldercare workforce.

Dr. Hendricksen also has published and presented findings for peer-reviewed journals, client reports, and conference presentations.


  • Project Skills: Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, Management, Analysis and Reporting, Project Management, Process Improvement
  • Software experience: STATA, SAS, SPSS, NVivo, MAXQDA, Atlas.ti, Dedoose
  • Research Areas of Expertise: Advanced Dementia, Long-term Care, Older Adults, End of Life Care, Discrimination in Health Settings


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Meghan Hendricksen, Ph.D., MPH