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Climate HealthCounts™

Your one-stop solution for quantifying and monetizing the health benefits of climate action.

The public health benefits of climate action are hard to quantify—but they can be vast and can address inequities within disadvantaged communities.

Abt’s Climate HealthCounts™ takes readily available data from governments’ existing climate action planning to generate estimates of the public health benefits that result from air quality improvements.

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Abt’s Climate HealthCounts™

  • Models air quality improvements resulting from reductions in air pollution emissions.
  • Quantifies public health  benefits of improved air quality such as fewer hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and premature deaths.
  • Determines the monetized value of those health benefits.
  • Creates accessible outputs, including maps to analyze how benefits are distributed throughout the state or region, and charts to summarize the equity impacts of the benefits.

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Additional Services Supporting Climate Action

Climate Resilience Planning
We systematically apply a climate lens to programs and challenges within health, housing, natural resources, education, and economic growth. Through a context-sensitive approach, we develop risk mitigation plans grounded in participatory engagement and underpinned by data, which also enables the quantification and monetization of climate resilience planning benefits.

Geospatial Climate Risk Mapping
We combine spatial layers of socioeconomic information and climate change impacts metrics to characterize risk and potential benefits of climate action. From flood risk modeling to fill in downscaled climate data gaps, to precision geography tools that uncover highly localized risks, our place-based modeling drives informed climate action.

Environmental Justice and Climate Equity Assessment and Solutions
We characterize the uneven distribution of adverse effects across marginalized populations, assess cumulative risk, quantify co-benefits of climate action, and facilitate the inclusive co-creation of solutions.

Climate Communications
Our climate communications team develops innovative resources to communicate the impacts of climate change to diverse audiences, including using advanced data visualization techniques. Our innovative climate change information and analytical tools include online digital resources and toolkits, to help federal, state, and local clients.

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