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Mission Support for EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) collects data each year about toxic chemical releases from an estimated 21,000 industrial facilities through federal reporting requirements under the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program. EPA shares this data regularly to provide a better understanding of the sources and quantities of toxic chemical releases and pollution prevention activities implemented by those facilities. The TRI Program’s core mission is to provide this data for the public as part of the community right-to-know principle.

TRI data is a vital resource for informing the agency’s understanding of where toxic chemical releases occur in the U.S. and how those releases may impact the communities near industrial facilities. TRI data can be used as inputs for chemical risk management planning and environmental justice analyses. Online data access platforms also make it available to community users and local groups who wish to look up TRI data in their own neighborhoods.

Abt Global provides EPA with a range of capabilities for activities across the TRI data lifecycle. Our support hinges on a deep knowledge of the TRI data structure and reporting requirements, how to analyze the data to look at trends in releases and the potential impacts in communities, and the relevance of TRI data to other EPA programs. All of this knowledge is applied to promote the usage of TRI data both by the public and within EPA.

Abt’s interdisciplinary support for the TRI Program has led to a wide range of analyses, outreach materials, and other resources for EPA, TRI reporters, and the public. In recent years, Abt has also helped the TRI Program leverage the use of digital technologies and platforms to conduct more advanced analyses and provide greater access to TRI data and guidance materials for other EPA programs, TRI reporters, and the public.

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