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Evaluation of International Development Interventions: An Overview of Approaches and Methods

Jos Vaessen, Sebastian Lemire, and Barbara Befani


January 6, 2021

This book is intended to provide concise, easily accessible, and jargon-light descriptions of a broad-yet-select set of methodological approaches and methods—established and emerging—used in evaluations in the field of international development (and beyond). The featured selections were chosen especially for readers interested in independent evaluation in international development. For each approach and method, a detailed guidance note presents the main features and procedural steps, key advantages and disadvantages, as well as its applica­bility. Select references for relevant background readings (basic and advanced) as well as references to other additional resources of interest are also provided.

This book was co-authored by Jos Vaessen (Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank), Sebastian Lemire (Abt Global), and Barbara Befani (Independent Consultant)

Independent Evaluation Group. Washington, DC: World Bank.