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Abt was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Global Digital Health Forum, the leading global public health industry networking and relationship-building opportunity for technology vendors, donors, researchers, government representatives, and implementing organizations working in low- and middle-income countries.

Our global digital health experts participated in in-person and virtual sessions covering topics such as interoperability, health information system strengthening, digital equity, digital health and climate change, and digital transformation for health facility electrification.

We were also honored to host the Women Leaders in Global Digital Health Workshop at our Rockville office. The Workshop brought together women in mid to senior leadership positions in digital health together for a
day-long workshop that offered a variety of immersive and experiential activities. 

Couldn't make it to the Forum? Catch some of our sessions below. 


Online Panel: The Tajikistan Experience: Digital Equity and Overcoming the Digital Divide at the Community Level
Panelists: Yuliya Mamedova, Digital Program Manager, Abt Global, 
Dr. Tahmina Jaborova, Technical Lead, Abt Global, Saidmumin Davlyatov, Digital Health Specialist, Abt Global, Farmon Hakimov, Tajikistan Republican Center for Medical Statistics and Information

Lightning Talk: A Digital Inequity Exacerbator? Maybe Not! How Digital Tools Can Help Overcome the Digital Divide
Yuliya Mamedova, Digital Program Manager, Abt Global

Watch the Lightning Talk:

In-Person Individual Presentation: Do Digital Tools Help or Exacerbate the Digital Divide and Equity?
Yuliya Mamedova, Digital Program Manager, Abt Global

In-Person Individual Presentation: Fortalecimiento del Talento Humano en Salud en regiones apartadas, mediante Tele-Apoyo en: salud mental, rehabilitación y cuidados críticos para pacientes con COVID-19/Using Telehealth to strengthen the capacity of healthcare workers who provide mental health services, rehabilitation, and critical care in remote areas
Presenter: Jonathan Cali, Senior Project Manager, Abt Global

In-Person Panel: It’s Not You, Its Us: Primes vs Local Innovators - Exploring the Tensions, Incentives and Successes of North-South Digital Health Collaborations
Panelists: Carlos Yerena, Head of Partnerships & Growth ,; Luke Shankland, Chief Operations Officer, Aviro Health; Carl Fourie, Deputy Director of Global Goods, Digital Square/PATH; Erica Troncoso, Digital Solutions Strategist, Abt Global

Online Panel: Use of Geospatial Data and Digital Tools to Conduct a Larval Source Management Feasibility Study in Zambia

Panelists: Mohamed Bayoh, Entomologist, PMI Evolve Zambia, Abt Global; Kelvin Mwenya, MEL Database Manager, PMI Evolve Zambia, Abt Global; Reuben Zulu, Vector Control Lead, National Malaria Elimination Programme; Alex Chilabi, LSM Lead, National Malaria Elimination Programme

Online Panel: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery: Transformative Impact of ZanEMR Implementation in Zanzibar Health Facilities
Panelists: Desderi Wengaa, Senior Technical Director for Information systems and HR systems, Abt Global (additional panelists to be announced)

Virtual Plenary: Digital Inclusion, Meet Energy Access: Integrated Partnerships for Healthier People and a Healthier Climate
Panelists: Joan Chahenza, Acting HETA Project Director, Abt Global; Leland Smith, Digital Development Advisor, Abt Global; Gina Cady, Technical Advisor, USAID/Power Africa; Ibrahim Mudathiru, Tanzania Country Manager, Maisha Meds

In-Person Panel: Merging Climate and Health: Data Innovations for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Panelists: Lucien de Voux, Co-founder, Palindrome Data; Erica Troncoso, Digital Solutions Strategist, Abt Global; Olga Faktorovich Allen, Senior Director, Climate Integration and Sustainability, Abt Global 

Moderator: Kristin Heck, Director of Global Digital Solutions, Abt Global


Washington, DC and Virtual