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AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference (IAS)

Monday, July 22, 2024 – Friday, July 26, 2024

Trade Fair Center Messe Munchen and the ICM-International Congress Center Messe Munchen
Messe Munchen GMbH, Am Messesee 2
81829 Munich

For nearly 40 years, Abt Global has worked on the frontlines of HIV/AIDS to build knowledge and systems that, today, support the health and rights of millions of people affected by HIV and reduce the impact of other infectious diseases worldwide. Join us for the 2024 International AIDS Conference as we explore how our research and bold thinking, building on remarkable progress in global detection and treatment, bring the possibility of an AIDS-free generation closer.

Visit our booth #517 to take a professional headshot, speak with Abt experts, and learn more about the work we do to prevent and eliminate infectious diseases worldwide.

Headshot Station Hours

Visit our booth #517 for a professional headshot! 

  • Tuesday, July 23 – 9:30am – 5:00pm CEST
  • Wednesday, July 24 – 1:30pm – 5pm CEST 
  • Thursday, July 25 –9:30am – 1:30pm CEST 

Supported Satellite Side Events

Thursday, July 25 | 07:00 - 08:00 | Hybrid, Room 14a/Channel 9        
SAT093 Four Wins in Partnerships for Sustaining the HIV Epidemic Response: The US PEPFAR/HRSA/HBCU/MOH Malawi empowerment of young adults becoming front-line community health workers in the fight against HIV

Thursday, July 25 | 18:00 - 19:30 | Hybrid, Room 13b/Channel 7        
SAT109 Global Health Reciprocal Innovation (GHRI): Optimizing the global impact of health interventions through novel research partnerships and knowledge exchange


Abt Presentations

Tuesday, July 23 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm        
Poster: Experiences of health providers using standard national tools for classifying clients into key population groups in Manica province, Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Julinho Alexandre, Cecília Cande, Júlio Saturnino, Hilza Malate, Jorge Moiane, Marina Prieto

Poster: Successful implementation of multifaceted approach structured across four pillars to effectively retained people living with HIV in care and treatment in four provinces of Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Mércia Cazonda, Juvenal Armazia, Jorges Moiane, Marina Prieto

Poster: Integration of HIV services through maternal and child health care mobile brigades for people living with HIV in hard-to-reach communities in Caia District, Sofala Province, Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Adenildo Guilande, Julinho Alexandre, Marina Prieto

Poster: Community antiretroviral treatment dispensing by health providers for people living with HIV who missed their drug pick-ups/clinical appointments: lessons learnt after over two years of implementation in four Mozambican provinces        
Abt Authors: Jorge Moiane, Marina Prieto, Mercia Cazonda, Julinho Alexandre, Julio Saturnino

Poster: Assessment of social contracting pilot implementation: building the case for expanding publicly financed HIV services in Vietnam 
Abt Presenter: Diu Thi Nguyen 
Authors: A. Nguyen Thi Cam, D. Nguyen Thi, T.H. Nguyen, T.H. Nguyen, H. Huu Kieu, T. Duc Nguyen, T. Huu Do5, T.A. Duong

Poster: Nothing for us without us: Strengthening Community Networks to scale the enrollment of People Living with HIV/AIDS in financial protection schemes in South-West Nigeria
Abt Presenter: Bolanle Olusola-Faleye
Abt Author: Chidumga Ohazurike

Wednesday, July 24 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm        
Poster: Progress towards eliminating vertical transmission of HIV in Mozambique: Scaling up access to routine viral load testing for pregnant women living with HIV in Manica province        
Abt Authors: Matilde Júlio, Julio Saturnino, Marina Prieto

Poster: Innovation Fairs’: An innovative knowledge sharing approach to facilitate achieving the ‘95’ targets in four provinces of Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Cacilda Nhanisse, Etelvina Mbalane, Jorge Moaine, Julinho Alexandre, Julio Saturnino, Marina Prieto

Poster: HIV diagnostic disclosure and health outcomes among children and adolescents living with HIV aged 8-14 years in four provinces of Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Marina Prieto, Jorge Moiane, Wingi Manzungu Olivier, Julio Saturnino, Julinho Alexandre


Thursday, July 25 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm        
Poster: Long-term health outcomes of people living with HIV who were enrolled in decentralized distribution of antiretrovirals through private pharmacies in three provinces of Mozambique        
Abt Authors: Julio Saturnino, Oreana Canhanga, Jorge Moiane, Marina Prieto

Poster: Costing HIV services provided by community-based organizations and social enterprises (CBOs/SEs) via social contracting (SC) in Vietnam   
Abt Presenter: Diu Thi Nguyen   
Authors: D.T. Nguyen, A.C.T. Nguyen, H. Nguyen, H. Nguyen, H.H. Kieu, A.T. Duong, S. Insanally, A. Wadsworth

Poster: Policies enabling the transition of HIV financing in Vietnam    
Abt Presenter: Diu Thi Nguyen   
Authors: H.T. Nguyen, D.T. Nguyen, A.C.T. Nguyen

Poster: Budget impact analysis of including Dolutegravir in the social health insurance benefit package in Viet Nam   
Abt Presenter: Diu Thi Nguyen   
Authors: D. Thi Nguyen, M.N.T. Nguyen, C.T.T. Nguyen, D.A. Nguyen, T. Snow, A. Wadsworth


Friday, July 26 | 1:30pm – 2:30pm | Channel 6/Room 13a        
Oral Presentation: Long-term health outcomes of people living with HIV who were enrolled in six-month dispensing of antiretroviral treatment for 12-18 months in four provinces of Mozambique        
Abt Presenter: Jabulani Chacha        
Abt Authors: Jabulani Chacha, Oreana Canhanga, Jorge Moiane, Marina Prieto


Onsite Experts

Jabulani Chacha, Health System Strengthening Director, ECHO Project        
Caroline Connolly, Client Account Senior Lead        
Michael Dumlao, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications        
Jane Fox, Principal Client Solutions Architect, Healthcare        
Lindsey Freeze, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications        
Katrena Henderson, Vice President, Global Capture and Growth      
Brian Keilson, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition        
Ronnie Ludwin, Business Development Specialist        
Nicole Maddox Dempah, Associate, Health Research, Monitoring & Evaluation   
Diu Thi Nguyen, Chief of Party, LHSS Project, Vietnam
Bolanle Olusola-Faleye, LHSS Nigeria Chief-of-Party       
Tara Reed, Vice President, Equity        
Kelly Saldana, Vice President of Resilient Health Systems        
Alexa Smith-Rommel, Project Management Officer, ECHO Project        
Will Tuleu, Capture Director