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Brinkley, Ph.D.

Data Scientist Principal

Jason Brinkley, Ph.D., is a biostatistician, data scientist and health researcher who leads the Research Design and Analytics team in Abt’s Data Science, Surveys and Enabling Technologies division. Brinkley has expertise in a wide range of analytic methods, and he specializes in machine learning, customized data visualizations, maps and dash-boarding. Brinkley balances research time between examining theoretical ways to assess the impact of medical interventions on public health and developing best practices for using statistical software. A member of the American Statistical Association, AcademyHealth, and the American Association for Public Opinion Research, he also serves on the executive board of the Southeast SAS Users Group.

Before joining Abt, Brinkley was a senior researcher at American Institute of Research. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor of biostatistics at East Carolina University, where he remains an adjunct professor of public health and conducts research with the school’s North Carolina Agromedicine Institute (NCAI). With NCAI he advises on research into rural health with a focus on the farm, fishing and forestry workers (including immigrant populations). He has a special passion for rural health and is actively working to determine better ways to delineate rural from remote populations as well as better scales of an urban continuum.

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Jason Brinkley, Ph.D.