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Sr. Strategic Content & Media Relations Lead

Eric Tischler brings almost 30 years of experience as a professional storyteller to Abt, where he works to tell the company’s story to clients, media, and the just-plain-curious. Besides covering climate, environment, housing and homelessness, equity, and more at Abt, Tischler produces The Intersect podcast, connecting the dots between Abt experts across disciplines and the complex problems they’re tackling.

Starting as a feature writer at The Washingtonian, Tischler spent the first several years of his career in periodicals. As an editor at the American Correctional Association, he often covered equity issues in the U.S. justice system. He trained young writers as Features Editor at The Washington Post-owned Gazette newspapers, and followed his time there with a stint on the communications team at Resources for the Future, an environmental think tank.

Eventually, Tischler segued into the world of government contracting, spending almost 10 years at Accenture. His first gig there was promoting the IRS’s Health Coverage Tax Credit for low-income workers (enrollment doubled). He spent his last five years on the company’s global recruitment marketing team, helping the company to routinely beat its general and DEI hiring goals.

As sr. strategic content and media relations lead at Abt, Tischler strives to delineate the shortest line between complex work and the clear impact of that work. With almost 12,000 listens to date, The Intersect has sparked connections with clients across agencies, as well as media appearances for Abt experts in outlets such as NPR, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Devex.  Tischler is the primary contact for media interested in speaking with experts in climate & energy; education, youth, and families; equity; housing; and the social determinants of health.


  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Audio Engineering

Key Projects:

  • The Intersect podcast
Eric Tischler