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Principal Associate, Social & Economic Policy

Cristofer Price’s ability to clearly communicate complex design and analysis issues related to evaluation topics is highly sought after. An expert in behavioral and educational research, Price applies his talents in study design and the formulation of statistical models of longitudinal and clustered data for continuous and discrete outcomes to a variety of complex challenges.
In addition to his skill in analyzing complex survey sample data, he is a master at designing and implementing randomized, quasi-experimental studies, as well as epidemiological and population-based study designs. Among his most well-known research studies were conducted for the CDC concerning the relationship of thimerosal exposure to a broad set of neuropsychological outcomes in 2007, a study of thimerosal and autism risk in 2010, and a study of exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides in vaccines and autism risk in 2013.
Other high-profile work has included evaluations of Youth Corps, teen pregnancy prevention programs, teacher preparation programs, child-care subsidy strategies and the Robert Noyce scholarship program. He has contributed to methods for dealing with missing data in randomized control trails and measurement of household food security.

Cristofer Price