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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jeff Stovall has more than two decades of information technology experience in a variety of sectors, including large, publicly traded telecom and manufacturing companies, state and local government, professional services, and startups. He has led digital transformations and expanded sales using enterprise technology solutions. He has provided client senior management advisory and business transformation services involving software-as-a-service.

Stovall leads the development and execution of our information technology and cyber security strategies and oversees our enterprise platforms, internal digital initiatives, IT vendor partnerships, and delivery service excellence. His experience in strategic planning, innovation, and program management and his state and local advisory expertise will contribute to Abt’s strategic growth and mission delivery. Stovall is responsible for enhancing core IT solutions in more than 30 countries to enable operational information exchange across the enterprise with accuracy and consistency. He also ensures IT integration with the company’s business strategy, business model design, business capability performance re-engineering, and product and service development.

Before joining Abt, Stovall served as an industry executive director at Oracle Corporation, focusing on cloud enablement in state and local governments. 

Prior to joining Oracle, he served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Preferred Medical Marketing Corporation, a closely held, Charlotte, N.C., company specializing in healthcare software-as-a-service. Before that he was the City of Charlotte’s CIO for a decade. At Sprint Nextel, he ran post-merger systems integration activities. Before the merger, at Sprint he had been director of transformation program management and director of network systems evolution. 


  • IT strategy and culture re-alignment
  • Digital transformation
  • Technology and operations leadership
  • Customer-focused innovation
  • Cultivation of IT as a growth engine

Key Projects:

  • Enterprise technology roadmap and multi-year digital modernization, City of Charlotte
  • 35-year-old mainframe upgrade to enterprise resource planning, City of Charlotte
  • Government technology deployment for the Democratic National Convention, City of Charlotte
Jeff Stovall