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Chief Of Party, Cambodia Harvest II, Cambodia

Nimish Jhaveri specializes in business solutions for economic development. He blends more than 15 years of experience implementing economic development programs with 15 years of private sector consulting with global corporations worldwide. He has worked in 16 countries in a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, insurance, energy, fashion, textiles, consumer products, banking, transportation, and high technology. He co-founded an investment firm that partnered with private financial investors to establish several inclusive agricultural businesses with high socio-economic impact in developing countries.

In his current role as Chief of Party at Cambodia Harvest II, Jhaveri leads USAID’s flagship program to increase economic growth through improved agricultural competitiveness. Engaging private sector participants in four high potential value chains, he has advanced strategies to increase product and market diversification, increase value addition through differentiated production and processing solutions, upgrade food safety and quality standards, and introduce post-harvest, traceability and packaging solutions for specific new markets. The project has worked with more than 6,700 farmers and 760 agribusinesses to generate incremental sales of $70 million so far.

Jhaveri has previously led economic development projects in Myanmar and North Macedonia. Before that, he held several leadership positions with a number of companies. He was president of Direct Remark, a San Francisco-based supply chain consulting firm, and vice president of Strategic Services for Capstan, a pioneer technology for managing international trade and supply chains. He joined Capstan from Ernst & Young Consulting, where he was a senior executive in the firm’s supply chain practice. He managed top accounts for the firm and led client engagements at GE, FedEx, Sea-Land and MetLife. He has consulting experience in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central America.


  • Development of market systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Organization development and change
  • Agribusiness

Key Projects:

  • Cambodia Harvest II
  • Macedonia Competitiveness Project
  • Value Chains for Rural Development, Myanmar
  • Ernst & Young Consulting, numerous global supply chain projects

Countries Served In:

  • Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Peru, U.K., U.S.A.
Nimish Jhaveri