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Outstanding Staff Accomplishments Celebrated At Abt Global Annual Meeting

Rockville, MD—Abt Global recognized the outstanding achievements of 57 staff members across the company at its annual meeting June 29.  

“We are proud to celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of these leaders at all levels, who are critical to our success as a company,” said Abt Global President and CEO Kathleen Flanagan. “They have made major contributions to the fields in which we work, exemplified our culture of knowledge sharing and significantly improved our company operations.”

Outstanding Scientific Impact Award
Heather Forth/Jamie Holmes/Russell Jones/Michelle Krasnec/Claire R. Lay/Ian Lipton/Andrew McFadden/Jeffrey Morris/Matt Rissing/Constance L. Travers

For producing substantial, original scientific knowledge on how oil affects marine life and creating the methods and data to inform the government’s multibillion dollar settlement with BP after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Clark Abt Prize for Outstanding Social Impact
Mary Joel Holin/Jill Khadduri/Larry Buron/Alvaro Cortes/Meghan Henry

For enhancing the quality and capacity of local homelessness programs across the U.S. through the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) project, which, for the first time in U.S. history, collected reliable data to estimate homelessness in the U.S.  This data has provided evidence to inform major policy initiatives, such as the emphasis on permanent supportive housing (PSH) for chronically homeless people, and is enabling local homeless providers to improve program operations.

Also at the federal level, AHAR contributed to the 47% decrease in homelessness among veterans from 2010 to 2016.  AHAR served as the initial vehicle for cooperation between HUD and the VA, which led to coordination of policy and resources at both the federal and local levels.

Technical Innovation Award
Nimmi Damodaran/Joe Donahue/Santiago Enriquez/Benjamin Matek/Michelle Graff/Liz Mettetal / Christina Waldron/Nadia Scharen-Guivel/Alexis St. Juliana/Christine Teter/Jon Saunders/Claire Zarakas

For creating a data-driven decision support package enabling planners in more than 40 cities worldwide to justify, finance, and implement better solid waste programs

Enterprise Innovation Award
Yvonne Abel/Al Dussi/Mauricio Poodts

For enabling collaboration, reducing facilities costs and improving employee well-being through the successful design and implementation of the Workplace of the Future

Enterprise Innovation Award
Brian Keilson/Puja Bhullar/Erin Cristy/Anne Hudzik/Cristina Sciuto/Lisa Butterfield/Margarita Fernandez/Molly Brune/Susan Trenga/Tess Davis/ Yvonne Abel

For enabling and increasing internal mobility through the mobility marketplace, career profiles and talent search

George Michaels Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurial Accomplishment
Carlos J. Cuéllar/Daria Fedoriv/Alison Cooke/Caroline Quijada/Cristine Betters/Sean Callahan/Diana Silimperi/Catherine Thompson

For development of Abt’s Service Delivery Framework, which has significantly enhanced Abt’s capabilities in this critical element of health systems strengthening

President’s Award for Outstanding Talent Development Leadership
Alec Brulia/Claire Goydan/Kate Hausdorff/Kelley Ambrose/Meaghan Hunt/Micah Villarreal

For enhancing the learning experiences of colleagues by offering outstanding seminars and generous mentorship through the Peer 2 Peer Knowledge Sharing Network

President’s Award for Outstanding Operational Leadership
Charlotte Mack

For exhibiting smart decision-making and driving superior results to ensure the success of the MCA-Indonesia PMAP6 Project upon becoming Chief of Party mid-project

President’s Award for Outstanding Operational Leadership
Bradley Burton Longman

For persevering through political unrest to expand IRS coverage to more than 2.2 million people in Kenya through the PMI AIRS Kenya Project

President’s Award for Outstanding Change Leadership
Brian Keilson

For demonstrating strategic vision and change agility by rolling out a series of thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented programs to enhance professional development resources across Abt

President’s Award for Outstanding Change Leadership
Brian Eli Sokol

For methodically improving the performance of our analytic computer platform and leading a cross-company team to develop a forward-thinking analytics strategy

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