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Abt Evaluating Six Building Blocks to Improve Opioid Management In Primary Care

Rockville, Md. – There is a growing need for primary care providers to balance preventing opioid misuse and potential risks while addressing the needs of patients with chronic pain. As a result, primary care practices need to redesign workflows and how they provide care. To help achieve that goal, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has awarded Abt Global a contract to implement and evaluate the Six Building Blocks (6BBs) team approach to improve opioid management in primary care.

The 6BBs provide a structured, systems-based approach for managing patients on long-term opioid therapy. Abt partners Michael Parchman of the MacColl Center at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and Laura-Mae Baldwin and Brooke Ike of the University of Washington developed the 6BBs, which include:

  • Leadership and consensus.
  • Policies, patient agreements and workflows.
  • Tracking and monitoring patient care.
  • Planned, patient-centered visits.
  • Caring for complex patients.
  • Measuring success (see:

Forty-two clinics from 13 health care organizations have agreed to implement the 6BBs using the Clinic Implementation Guide developed by Abt’s partners for this project. It is a step-by-step handbook clinics can use to adopt the 6BBs. Participating clinics span 10 states and include academic-, hospital-, and health-system affiliates, federally qualified health centers, patient-centered medical homes, and private practices.

“Caring for patients on long-term opioid therapy to treat chronic pain requires a team-based approach to improve the quality of care,” says Sarah J. Shoemaker-Hunt, PhD, PharmD, project director. “The Six Building Blocks Implementation Guide provides detailed direction for achieving that improvement.”


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