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Toolkit Aides Peru's Health System Management Improvements

The web-based Gestión en Salud.
The web-based Gestión en Salud. USAID and its partners – including Abt Global – have worked with the government of Peru and Ministry of Health for more than 20 years to strengthen Peru’s health systems. The effort has been compiled into a recently launched toolkit that captures 17 approaches and methodologies that have shaped Peru’s health governance, human resources, financing, and health information systems.

Several regions of Peru received technical assistance successfully improve their health systems during the past two decades. Others, who have not received USAID assistance, have expressed interest in these improvements but lack the necessary technical assistance to achieve them. In response, USAID/Peru and the Health Finance and Governance Project (HFG), led by Abt Global, designed and developed a comprehensive, user-friendly online toolkit to help meet these needs. 

In September, the web-based health management toolkit, Gestión en Salud, went live and was presented to two stakeholder organizations: the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and the Government of Lima. The toolkit’s broad purpose is to improve and scale up health system components under Peru’s decentralization.

The School of Medicine at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos’ website will house the toolkit to bolster training of pre- and post-grad students in the health science programs. The toolkit can be translated into several languages. As a toolkit partner, the Universidad de San Marcos will continue to update the toolkit site with case studies from stakeholders that utilize the management improvement processes in their regions.

At a Sept. 11 handover ceremonyregional Governor of Lima, Nelson Chui Mejía, commended the hard work of health personnel and technical assistance from USAID in developing the program which distills years of such assistance into 17 easy-to-use tools.

Following the ceremony, two training workshops were delivered to 100 health professionals: a training on the supply chain management tool DIAGNOSTICA-Medicamentos to Huaral Hospital personnel, and a training on the human resources tool ORGANIZA-Recursos Humanos to community health personnel at the Huaral’s Ismael Guzman Valverde Health Clinic. The software will help streamline the management of several hospital functions, thereby reducing lines, simplifying procedures, and preventing medication shortages. The software implementation begins this month in health facilities in Huaral and will be rolled out throughout Lima subsequently.

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