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New Work in Asia Pacific to Focus on Governance, Women's Empowerment

Consolidating Abt Global’s position as a top contractor on governance and gender issues and adding to its strength in the Asia-Pacific region, the company’s Australian subsidiary Abt JTA has won several strategic programs with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) worth more than USD $400 million.

Papua New Guinea Governance Facility

DFAT’s Papua New Guinea Governance Facility (PGF) is an ambitious and innovative program that will contribute to security, stability and inclusive prosperity in Papua New Guinea. PGF consolidates DFAT’s governance investments in PNG and will support core government functions, private sector development, state-civil relationships and fostering strong leadership and coalitions for change.
Critically, PGF will also mainstream women’s empowerment and equality throughout the entire program. The win was a partnership with Abt’s International Economic Growth division and a consortium partner, La Trobe University.

Investing in Women Initiative

DFAT’s Investing in Women Initiative will contribute to women’s economic empowerment in South East Asia and, in turn, contribute to continued inclusive economic growth in the region. The program’s goals include:
  • More businesses achieving gender equality in the workplace;
  • Increased impact investment in women’s small and medium enterprises; 
  • National policymakers and regulators removing barriers to women’s economic empowerment; and  
  • More supportive public attitudes of women’s economic empowerment.
Initial target countries include Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, with the potential for further expansion. Consortium partners include EY, the University of Sydney and Metis Management Services in Singapore.

Australia Timor-Leste Partnership for Development

DFAT’s Australia Timor-Leste Partnership for Development represents Australia’s long-term vision for enhancing human development in Timor-Leste. The program brings together diverse activities in health, education, water, nutrition, gender equality and social protection into a single Program to maximize program effectiveness, relevance and performance. Abt JTA’s partner on the bid is the Timor Leste-based design and technology agency Catalpa. 
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