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Guatemala Health System Assessment to Inform Discussion on Reform

 Young girls from one of the most vulnerable and poor villages of the rural Ixil region, Quiché, Guatemala.” data-cke-saved-src=
Young girls from one of the most vulnerable and poor villages of the rural Ixil region, Quiché, Guatemala.

Photo credit: © 2012 Haydee Lemus/PASMO PSI Guatemala, courtesy of Photoshare A new analysis of Guatemala’s health system is expected to inform policy dialogue on how to strengthen the system and expand access to health services, especially for vulnerable groups.

The Health System Assessment (HSA) recently was released in Guatemala City to a wide audience, including Vice President Jafeth Cabrera, Minister of Health Dr. Alfonso Cabrera, and United States Ambassador Todd Robinson.

The assessment was created with technical assistance from the Health Finance and Governance Project (HFG), led by Abt Global and funded by USAID. HFG supports countries in their quest for stronger health systems that deliver the life-saving services their citizens need, when, and where they can access them, and at affordable prices.

Local stakeholders emphasized that the HSA was presented at a critical time. The new presidential administration is seeking to address the ongoing health care crisis in the country, which has included frequent stock-outs of medicines as well as closures at the national referral hospital. The HSA offers seven cross-cutting recommendations for how to improve the health system.

The HSA is available on the HFG website in English and Spanish.

Read more about this work on the HFG web site.

Watch a video (in Spanish) of Carlos Avila, a senior health economist with Abt Global, discussing the HSA.
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