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Australia-PNG Governance Partnership Project

Educational and employment opportunities. Improved healthcare and access to services. An environment where women can achieve their full economic and human potential.  The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is working to provide all of this to the country’s women and children, and Abt Global and the Australian government are helping to realize these development priorities through the Australia-PNG Governance Partnership Project.

The Partnership places an emphasis on building strong institutions that will provide the systemic infrastructure necessary to support and enforce gender equity. To that end, the Partnership has undertaken several initiatives.

Recognizing the benefits of having women and people with disabilities serve in public sector leadership positions, the Women in Leadership program promotes their participation at provincial and district levels.  Supporting this initiative is the Precinct Leadership Program, which brings together current public sector managers and engages them in training and development opportunities, with the intention of developing high quality leaders who are ethical, accountable and committed to upholding the principles of social inclusion and gender equity.

The Decentralisation and Citizen Participation component of the Partnership further expands its reach.  This initiative has trained male advocates at the national and subnational level by establishing a Male Advocacy Network. This group of male public servants promotes awareness of the need for gender equity, with an emphasis on the negative impacts of violence against women and children in both the workplace and society.

The Skelim Pawa Stretim Pasin (Shared Power, Aligned Actions) initiative bring this work home to Abt. This program focuses on equity, gender equality and social inclusion for Abt PNG staff. Abt PNG seeks to lead by example and emulate best practice in PNG by establishing itself as a role model organisation. The goal is to extend Abt’s influence to the external environment.

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