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Administering Large, Diverse Health Programs in Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea health system is a complex mix of activities and partners, requiring robust coordination efforts to allow it to work effectively. As manager of the Health and HIV Implementing Service Provider (HHISP), an AUD 295 million facility responsible for operationalising the Australia-Papua New Guinea Health and HIV Program and supporting the country’s National Health Plan and HIV Strategy, Abt actions approximately 300 client requests (tasking notes) and manages expenditure of approximately AUD 75 million each year.

This covers a comprehensive array of services, including grants, research management and technical assistance. To manage and track taskings, HHISP maintains a register that lists each task’s status, budget, province and sector, and reports weekly on progress and outcomes. This allows both governments to focus on strategic planning and management, while gaining access to well governed, efficient and cost-effective management and administration services.

Male patient in Papua New Guinea hospital.
Male patient in Papua New Guinea hospital.
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