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Updating the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Strategic Plan


  • The Maternal and Child Health Bureau needs to update and streamline its activities.
  • Abt is analyzing the needs of a new strategic plan, refining the plan, and proposing technologies for implementation.
  • Abt is identifying and applying metrics to measure success, and supporting the effort by providing communications.
The Challenge

The government issued an Executive Order for the Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) to “reimagine” its vision for continuing to strengthen the health of mothers, children, and families in America. The new strategic plan (SP) needs to reflect the MCHB’s historic emphasis on prevention and health equity while continuing to serve as a key focal point to adaptively and consistently lead our nation in maternal and child health (MCH). Abt Global and our partners were contracted to design and help implement the SP, providing a three- to -five-year plan for MCHB that transforms it processes, tool, and technology—including its relationship with federal partners--to achieve its goals.

The Approach

Bringing our strategic planning, change management, data analysis and strategic digital communications skills to the project, Abt’s overall support includes:

  • Refining the plan;
  • Analyzing the MCH needs of our nation and of MCHB to address those needs;
  • Coordinating with other federal agencies; and
  • Proposing new technologies to support business processes and other efforts to transform MCHB and strengthen its leadership.
The Results

Abt’s efforts to implement the plan include designing and applying metrics to gauge progress and communicating effectively and consistently about these efforts. To date, the suggested redesign for MCHB’s website has been implemented, including refreshed graphics that visually emphasize how MCHB’s work helps to mothers, children and families thrive.

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