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Technical Assistance to the Patients First Initiative in Massachusetts

Since 2005, Abt Global has provided technical support to the Massachusetts Hospital Association’s (MHA’s) Patients’ First initiative, which publicly reports nursing sensitive quality measures. In its role, Abt helped select an initial list of measures appropriate for reporting by individual hospitals so that MHA could then choose a final set of measures to report publicly.

Abt provided technical assistance to MHA in the collection of pilot quality measurement data through a website constructed by Abt, and with the production of reports for evaluating the performance of the measures. Abt also provided assistance with the design of a survey to obtain feedback from pilot participants.

Abt, on a quarterly basis, is providing charts and graphs to MHA that show confidence intervals for the quality measures that are part of the Patients’ First initiative. Abt also provides analysis of the quality measure data. In the past we have examined longitudinal trends in each measure and estimated the cost reduction associated with the decline in pressure ulcers seen in Patients First data.

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