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Support for the Development of UNEP Guidebook on Climate Adaptation Finance

Funding for climate change adaptation projects is available through a wide range of public and private sources. These sources have varying conditions for eligibility, accesses, and funding use. As a result, identifying the most appropriate funding sources can be challenging for project developers and other stakeholders who are seeking funding for adaptation projects.

Abt Global’s staff is working to address these challenges to identifying and accessing funding for adaptation projects. On behalf of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Abt staff collaborated with the UNEP Risoe Center to develop a handbook on climate change adaptation financing.

The handbook is designed to provide countries participating in the UNEP Technology Needs Assessment Project with practical guidance on identifying and securing public and private financing for adaptation projects. The guidebook provides stakeholders with tools – such as eligibility criteria evaluation sheets – and recommendations for accessing both public and private sources of funding. For example, the guidebook presents a template for developing and submitting adaptation project concepts to international donors. The guidebook also includes several informative case studies.

Read the guidebook: Accessing International Funding for Climate Change Adaptation: A Guidebook for Developing Countries