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HIV/AIDS, STDs, and Tuberculosis in Correctional Facilities

With funding from the National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Abt Global has conducted a series of nine national studies of HIV/AIDS in Correctional Facilities. The studies began in 1985 focusing on AIDS and, in recent years, has been expanded to include TB and STDs, and in 1994, to include juvenile as well as adult facilities. The ninth national study included development of case studies of HIV prevention and transitional/discharge planning programs for adult inmates and confined juveniles, as well as a ten-site study of collaborations between public health and correctional agencies in the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB prevention services. Beginning in 1994, subset questionnaires were sent to samples of adult and juvenile facilities to validate responses given by their systems' central offices to questions on HIV, TB, and STD policies. Prior to the 1996-97 study, eight reports on HIV/AIDS in adult correctional facilities has been published, as well as two Research in Brief reports, one on TB and one on the findings from the survey of juvenile systems and facilities. Based on the ninth (1996-97) study, the following reports were prepared and published: 1996-97 Update on HIV/AIDS STDs, and TB in Correctional Facilities and a Research in Brief report on collaboration between public health and correctional agencies. The national studies are based on mail and telephone surveys of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, all 50 states correctional systems, the 50 largest city and county jail systems, all 50 state juvenile systems, and the 50 largest city/county juvenile detention centers. Abt Global Inc. staff design and conduct the national surveys. Based on data from this survey, as well as from site visits, an extensive literature review and interviews with numerous experts in the field, Abt's reports summarize the latest medical research on HIV/AIDS, present statistics on incidence and epidemiology of these diseases in the population at large and in the correctional population, and detail current practice and policy options for the management of HIV/AIDS in the correctional setting.