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Financing Small-Scale Rental Properties

The collapse of the market for single-family housing that began in 2007 led many policy makers to reassess the advantages of renting for households with modest incomes. However, a lack of financing options may have prevented investors from converting the current oversupply of single-family homes into needed rental properties on a large scale. In addition, it has long been recognized that options for financing small multifamily properties are limited. Small multifamily properties play an important role in the rental market, as they not only make up a third of all unsubsidized rental housing but also are more likely to serve lower-income households than larger properties. Abt Global is assessing opportunities for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to play a larger role in supporting investment in small-scale, privately owned rental properties. The study’s objective is to design insurance options for investors in single-family and small multifamily properties, taking into account FHA’s past experience, the need for FHA to play a role, the risk of potential insurance options, and the potential impact on the market. A report is expected in 2014. Kimberly Burnett is the project director for Abt.
North America