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Evaluating the Costs for Integrated Water Resource Management under Rwanda's Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

Abt Global estimated the medium-term investment needs for advancing Rwanda’s transition to more inclusive green growth in the water resources management sector, as defined in its national Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (GGCRS). The work was completed for the Government of Rwanda (GoR) and the United Nations Development Program.

The study objective was to help guide the GoR in its budgeting process for the overall green-growth strategy, identify resource gaps, inform funding decisions, and attract funding from the donor community to help implement the GGCRS strategic vision.

Abt staff worked with the GoR and other key stakeholders to identify targets for integrated water resource management (IWRM), develop scenarios for meeting those targets, and provide order-of-magnitude cost estimates for those scenarios.

Results of the study indicate that GoR can develop a more sustainable approach to water resources management that is consistent with the overall vision of the GGCRS and Rwanda’s key development goals. To further build the foundation for IWRM, GoR will need to establish an effective governance framework to coordinate actions at different government levels, and develop a comprehensive monitoring, information management, and permitting program that helps ensure equitable allocation and use of water resources.

The study also shows that GoR has the opportunity to implement more sustainable water supply and wastewater management options. Key components of a green approach would include the introduction of decentralized water and wastewater treatment systems, increased demand-management efforts, water reuse, additional rainwater harvesting, multiple-use systems for irrigation and domestic use in rural areas.

The GoR will use the findings from this analysis to fully assess the costs of a more sustainable approach to water resources management compared to a business-as-usual approach.
Sub-Saharan Africa