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Enabling Equitable Health Reforms in Albania

The Enabling Equitable Health Reforms Project (EEHR) was a five-year USAID-funded, Abt Global-implemented project which increased access to essential health services for the poor by supporting the implementation of health care reforms in Albania. EEHR was implemented from 2010 to 2014.
EEHR collaborated with Ministry of Health (MOH) and other health system partners to advance evidence-based policy making and reform health services implementation at the national, subnational, and hospital levels, including strengthening health governance and financing. The project institutionalized regular monitoring and evaluation of system performance; introduced country-tailored tools and mechanisms to implement a set of realistic, effective health reforms in selected regions; and increased advocacy for and communications about health reforms in order to build an informed and empowered public.
EEHR’s achievements span three areas of health reform implementation:
  • Improved health reform policy and planning;
  • Improved capacities to implement reforms; and
  • Enhanced civil society participation and oversight of health system performance.
The project‘s impact is most visible in the establishment of reform implementation and accountability mechanisms at all levels and supporting improved hospital sector management and increased access to quality care through a number of reforms. 
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