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Battling Gender-Based Violence in Mozambique


  • Mozambique wanted to strengthen its gender-based violence response.
  • Abt assessed reources and provided technical assistance and training.
  • We’ve reached more 40,000 individuals, and more than 1,400 potential victims have benefitted.
The Challenge

In year 2 of its Clinical HIV/AIDS Services Strengthening (CHASS) project, Mozambique enlisted Abt Global to enhance the country’s gender-based violence (GBV) services alongside its HIV/AIDS services. Working with community-based organizations, Abt was tasked with creating stronger, more sustainable Mozambican systems and institutions, including:

  • Expanding and improving coordination and effectiveness of GBV prevention.
  • Improving policy implementation in response to GBV.
  • Increasing availability and quality of GBV services.
The Approach

Through CHASS-SMT, Abt:

  • Established referral systems for GBV services and disseminating information on available services to the communities;
  • Supported the monitoring of GBV activities;
  • Provided training and technical assistance to key personnel and organizations on Mozambique’s GBV-related health services and care and awareness policies and protocols; and
  • Assessed health services available for GBV victims.
The Results

Results to date include more than 40,000 individuals reached with community-level GBV-prevention activities, more than 1,400 potential GBV victims referred for services, and more than 1,300 GBV-related health services provided.

To learn more about our HIV/AIDS efforts with CHASS-SMT: