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AHRQ New Models of Primary Care Workforce and Financing

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has lead primary care transformation initiatives for over a decade. Much has been learned about how changes in how primary care is organized and delivered can improve the quality of care as well as the satisfaction of patients and staff. However, research is now needed to answer the next set of questions: How do we characterize promising models of primary care delivery? How much do they cost? Are they financially feasible? Can they be sustained under existing or future financing models? How do we train the next generation of clinicians to provide patient-centered care?

To answer these questions, AHRQ has contracted with Abt Global to conduct a research project to generate new information about innovative ways to configure and pay for a primary care workforce that can deliver fully-comprehensive, high-quality care. This project will culminate in a final report outlining new models of primary care workforce configurations, including estimates of the panel sizes and of the per-person cost of providing fully-comprehensive, high-quality primary care with each model. Abt Global has partnered with the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation and Bailit Health Purchasing to carry out this research.
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