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AfyaInfo: Bringing Good Health to Kenyans


  • High-quality health system helps achieve “afya”—good health in Swahili.
  • Abt led USAID-funded AfyaInfo to strengthen Kenya’s health system.
  • AfyaInfo expanded capabilities, improved data coverage and engaged stakeholders
The Challenge

The Swahili word afya means “good health.” The Kenyan government recognized that health outcomes improve with an efficient, high-quality health system.

The Approach

AfyaInfo was a USAID-funded, Abt Global-led project that ran from 2011 to 2016. Abt worked in partnership with the Kenyan government to build a strong, unified, and integrated national health information system (NHIS) to help improve the health of all Kenyans.

 AfyaInfo worked to modernize the NHIS by integrating parallel systems, addressing capacity needs, and strengthening functional and institutional capabilities for data collection and use across the health sector.

The Results

Together with the Government of Kenya, Abt expanded the capabilities of the NHIS and its underlying software, improved data coverage and accuracy, and demonstrated to stakeholders how the system can address their needs to provide timely and complete information for decision-making.