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Climate Change and the Los Angeles’ Homelessness Response System

Abt Global


July 17, 2023

Though the impacts of climate change can be seen nationwide, California has endured some of the country’s most acute weather extremes, including drought, prolonged heat stress, floods, and wildfires. At the same time, the state is battling a severe and ongoing housing crisis that affects thousands of individuals and families, resulting in the largest population of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in the U.S.

California’s environmental crises—fueled and accelerated by climate change— are hindering Los Angeles’ fight against homelessness. These weather extremes cause capacity destruction and service disruption, and they strain financial and staff resources, ultimately further deteriorating the health of those experiencing homelessness. Understanding how climate change and extreme weather events impact the homelessness response system enables administrators and practitioners to better model service delivery capacity implications, adapt services to meet population needs, more effectively target and time activities, and strengthen the overall resilience of the homelessness response system.

Together, these insights can drive cost-effective strategies that protect the community’s goal of ending homelessness. Learn how we can help.