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The GxAlert Initiative: Connecting Rapid TB and HIV Diagnoses with Improved Health System Responses

Kehinde Agbaiyero, Jeff Takle, Chris Macek, Leah Ekbladh
45th Union World Conference on Lung Health, Barcelona, Spain


July 7, 2016
The WHO ranks Nigeria 10th among 22 high TB burden counties in the world. Nigerian Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program (NTBLCP) pursued the use of cost-effective technologies to improve healthcare responses to DR-TB management. The project focused initially in 8 GeneXpert laboratories and eventually scaled national to all 49 GeneXpert sites across the country. Due to its success in improving data system and patient management, NTP decided to scale up to all facilities in the country.

Abt Global-led, initiated and developed a highly innovative mobile-based solution across 8 pilot laboratories in Nigeria. GxAlert is configured on GeneXpert systems by installing a modem from a telecom that gives access to internet and encrypting the data sent to the GxAlert database.  The system sends GeneXpert MTB/RIF diagnostic results in real time to a secure web-based database, shortening a reporting period from months to mere seconds and enabling better data quality and faster recruitment of patients into appropriate care.