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Strengthening Mozambique's District Health System to Improve Access and Quality of HIV Care and Treatment Services

Daniel D Lee, Carlos Cuellar, Marcelo Castrillo, Alexandra Hulme, Denise Jacobson
20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia


July 8, 2016
The Government of Mozambique’s Acceleration plan decentralizes ART services to increase coverage to at least 80% by 2015. As ART is expanded to PHC Facilities (HF), District Health Directorates (SDSMAS) have a critical role. Significant challenges need to be overcome to ensure SDSMAS are capable of effectively managing HIV service delivery. USAID’s Clinical HIV/AIDS Services Strengthening Project in Sofala, Manica, and Tete (CHASS-SMT) developed an innovative “graduation path” strategy to strengthen district health systems by developing, implementing, and evaluating improvement action plans, and tracking results against MoH standards.