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Factors Influencing Loss to Follow-up (LTFU) of ART Clients at Kapata Clinic of Chipata District in Zambia

Patrick Chibanda
APHA 2017


November 1, 2017

Zambia has adopted a policy of 90-90-90 for management of HIV infected individuals. Currently, statistics indicate a 20% drop-out rate after one year of commencing treatment. Therefore, it was important that factors contributing to loss of follow-up are investigated to ensure adherence to treatment. The magnitude of the problem is not very clear at the provincial and District level, much less at the health facility level like at Kapata clinic in Easter Zambia. The study was undertaken to determine the factors that influence LTFU among HIV patients on ART at Kapata Clinic and to estimate the proportion of clients classified as actual LTFU in 2014.