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Estimating the Health Insurance Liability for Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam (2016-2020)

Naz Todini, Benjamin Johns, Kieu Huu Hanh, Nguyen Thuy Huong, Duong Thuy Anh, Nguyen Hoang Long
The 6th National Scientific Conference on HIV/AIDS, Hanoi, Vietnam


July 7, 2016
Vietnam’s HIV/AIDS response is mainly financed by external sources, with 73% of spending on HIV funded by international donors for the period 2008-2010. As donor funding is expected to decline over the coming years, it is critical for the Government of Vietnam (GVN) to identify viable solutions for sustaining HIV/AIDS activities. The Decision No 1899/QD-TTg has identified funding HIV/AIDS services through SHI as one of the key strategies to ensure long term sustainability of HIV/AIDS treatment services. The Model to Estimate HI Liability for Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam provides financial forecasts on the amounts of funding needed from SHI and other sources for HIV/AIDS treatment.

The study objectives include: estimate the liability of the national health insurance scheme for supporting the treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. Establish a methodology that can be adapted in the future as more data become available. Recommend package of HIV/AIDS treatment services to be paid through VSS SHI.