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Building Provincial Government Staff Capacity to Design and Implement BCC Campaigns in Vietnam

Lara Hensley, Hoang Bich Thuy
USAID Local Capacity Building Summit


June 20, 2012

USAID’s Avian and Pandemic Influenza Initiative aims to improve the Government of Vietnam’s (GVN) and its counterpart’s capacity to prevent, detect and respond to avian and pandemic influenza (API) and other zoonotic threats. One area in which the project works is to enhance behavior change communications (BCC) regarding API risks and prevention. To do this, we implemented a training model for provincial government staff to design and implement their own BCC programs. While mass communications and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) are not new in Vietnam, past communications have been vertical, inconsistent and did not take into consideration determinants of behavior change. The project has sought to enhance this communication by basing campaigns on behavior change theory and including elements of monitoring and evaluation. The overall objective is to empower provincial BCC specialists to design, implement and evaluate BCC campaigns.

Focus Areas