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Sustaining Vertical Health Programs Through Financing

Dr. Sylvester Akande, Dr. Gafar Alawode, Dr. Ekpenyong Ekanem


October 10, 2018

Nigeria has one of the highest burdens of HIV/AIDS in the world and support from external sources—which are the dominant mechanism for its financing—are flattening and, more recently, dropping. To sustain the fight against HIV/AIDS, the country is turning to domestic resources, including the  implementation of health insurance. Given the dominance of donor funding and concerns over costs and the capacity to deliver quality HIV/AIDS services, commodities, previous health insurance policies didn’t cover HIV/AIDS services.

To address these concerns, the HFG Project conducted an actuarial analysis and service availability mapping to inform our approach to integrating the ongoing vertical programs with the health insurance scheme, specifically service provision, commodities supply, M&E, capacity building, and provider payment. As the scheme matures, all HIV/AIDS service delivery inputs will be procured by the provider network. In the meantime, inputs will be leveraged from the vertical programs. Plans have been developed, in collaboration with all agencies involved in HIV/AIDS and health insurance operations, to implement these immediate -, medium-, and long-term strategies.

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Sustaining Vertical Health Programs Through Financing