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Destination: Reaching Family Planning Goals through UHC

Jeanna Holtz


October 11, 2018

The global movement to reach universal health coverage (UHC) presents opportunities to advance family planning (FP) goals. Notably, the full range of contraceptive services could be accessible—particularly to underserved populations including youth or the poor—within broader initiatives that promote UHC.

Governments and their partners use various programs to finance FP. Many are transitioning from vertical programs dedicated to FP—and funded by donors—to broader financing initiatives (e.g., national health insurance schemes) that integrate FP into a more comprehensive set of benefits.

USAID’s Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus project has distilled common approaches to finance health within the context of UHC and assessed the significance of these approaches for FP. This poster portrays making progress toward UHC and satisfying unmet need for FP as a long-term process, but one that can be accelerated. Advocates can champion better coverage of FP by building the evidence base, promoting the inclusion of private providers, and effectively conveying the concepts and language of health financing.

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Destination: Reaching Family Planning Goals through UHC