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6BBs Opioid Management

Sarah Shoemaker-Hunt, PhD, PharmD, Brooke Ike, MPH, Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, Michael Parchman, MD, MPH, Leigh Evans, PhD, Holly Swan, PhD, Jaclyn Rappaport, MPP, MBA and Olivia Bacon


June 3, 2019

The Six Building Blocks for Improving Opioid Management (6BBs) provide an evidence-based quality improvement (QI) roadmap to help primary care teams implement effective, guideline-driven care for chronic pain and long-term opioid therapy patients. The 6BBs include: leadership and consensus; policies, patient agreements and workflows; tracking and monitoring patient care; planned, patient-centered visits; caring for complex patients; and measuring success. As part of an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-funded implementation study, the project team has developed a “how-to-guide” for the 6BBs and recruited primary care practices to implement them. The objective of this presentation is to synthesize insights on how practices initiate an opioid management QI effort and then assess their own opioid management practices.

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6BBs Opioid Management