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Blockchain—Powering and Empowering the Poor in Developing Countries

Thomason, J., Ahmad., M, Bouteloupe, J., Bronder, P., Donaghy, K., Hoyt, E., Huysman, D., Joakim, B., et al. Edited by Alastair Marke.


June 21, 2018

Abt Global’s Jane Thomason served as the lead author for the cTransforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchainshapter “Blockchain—Powering and Empowering the Poor in Developing Countries,” in the new book, Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains, from Elsevier.

The chapter stresses the importance for developing countries to build trust in new technologies that can transfer climate-risk financing from donors to recipients quickly, cheaply, and securely. As a frontier technology, blockchain offers such a solution.

The chapter details strategies for using blockchain to empower developing countries. Thomason and co-authors also provide case studies to demonstrate how blockchain has already improved climate-finance tracking and its impact on the agriculture and renewable-energy industries.

The book is available from Elsevier.

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