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A Perspective on Climate-Resilient Development and National Adaptation Planning Based on USAID's Experience

Yoon Kima, Joel B. Smith, Charlotte Mack, Jonathan Cook, John Furlow, Joyce-Lynn Njinga & Michael Cote


February 25, 2016

This peer-reviewed article analyzes the approaches, recommendations, and lessons learned from three national adaptation plans (NAPs) workshops held in Jamaica, Tanzania, and West Africa over the past few years. These workshops were hosted by national governments and regional institutions, in collaboration with USAID, to support the development of NAPs. National adaptation planning is a critical component of climate-resilient development, and a priority for USAID and the US government in supporting implementation of the recent Paris Climate Agreement.

The team  was supported by the Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD) project from 2012 to late 2015. USAID is a founding member of the National Adaptation Plan Global Network. 

Sub-Saharan Africa
Latin America & the Caribbean