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Future Training of Survey Methodologists

Stanislav (Stas) Kolenikov, Matt Jans, Barbara O'Hare, Scott Fricker


April 3, 2015
This article in the special issue on survey training outlines the future of survey methodology education. While traditional academic programs will certainly play a major role in training survey specialists, we also see a growing role for a variety of other forms of continuing professional education. Flexible formats such as short courses, webinars, and other online programs and courses (e.g., massive open online courses or MOOCs) will make it easier for survey researchers to update their skills throughout their careers. Survey researchers of the future face the challenges of staying up-to-date with survey methodology findings and applying them to the increasingly-complex survey environment. This will likely involve additional interdisciplinary connections, particularly in new fields like big data and data science. In order to harness their potential in survey data collection, the survey researcher of the future must use a range of training options to keep his or her knowledge base fresh.