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The Future Of Medicaid: When Improving Upon The Wheel, Start With Something Round

March 21, 2017

As states and the federal government jointly design Medicaid’s future, let’s include what we know works – and eliminate what does not, writes Abt’s Katharine Witgert in Health Affairs. She notes that findings from previous and ongoing Medicaid experiments can provide both “lessons and cautions.” 

Witgert notes that there are opportunities for innovation within Medicaid, and state Medicaid programs are “uniquely positioned to test policy reforms that lead toward the “Triple Aim” of better care, better population health, and lower costs.”

“As a new federal administration takes the helm, federal policy should continue to provide the states flexibility for experimentation, and do so within a structure that builds on what we have learned to reinforce progress toward meeting the Triple Aim,” she concludes.

Read the full piece in Health Affairs.

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