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Primary health care (PHC)—which can meet 90% of a person's health needs throughout their lifetime—has surged to the top of global and national agendas as the best way to achieve better health outcomes for all. Seizing this momentum and sustaining services requires stronger health systems that incentivize ongoing investments. During this first webinar in our new series, The Future of Health Systems, Abt’s Kelly Saldana convened leading PHC experts to explore how we can both tackle immediate primary care needs and invest in lasting systemic change through a whole-of-society approach. Collaboration is key: Across public and private sectors to improve health services, within communities to have a voice in health systems for action and accountability, and even with other sectors—with health as the entry point. 


  • Kelly Saldana, Vice President – Systems Strengthening and Resilience, Abt Global


  • Kimberly Green, Global Director of Primary Health Care at PATH
  • Asaf Bitton, Executive Director, Ariadne Labs
  • Shams Syed, Head – Policy and Partnerships, WHO Special Programme on Primary Health Care

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